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We handle all activities relating to the purchase, sale or merger between business entities. These may involve the purchase or sale of stock and/or assets, leveraged buyouts, recapitalisations or obtainment of private equity funds.

  • Business plans and strategy: We prepare the supporting reports (financial projections, valuations, presentations, etc.) that will be the pillars required to achieve our client’s objectives. The valuation and capitalisation of intangibles such as “Goodwill” may play an important role in the strategy.

  • Negotiations: Having us act as intermediary between buyer and seller provides our clients with more options during the critical negotiation process.

  • Due diligence reviews: During the evaluation phase, we design a review scope that will focus on the strategic areas that will determine the feasibility of the transaction from our client’s perspective.

  • Due diligence audits: We also provide comprehensive audit services should our client require that more detailed scope be applied to the traditional business areas (corporate, intellectual property, legal, accounting, IT, tax, etc.)

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Punta Allen, 8

SM 16, M 4, Cancún, Quintana Roo

CP 77505

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