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We advise international companies, from evaluation of international biddings made by the Federal Government to Invitational Procedures to Projects of Petroleos Mexicanos  “PEMEX” and Mexican Federal Electricity Commission “CFE”.


  • Our services encompass general consultations on contractual interpretation. 


  • Contract drafting, reviewing, and general consultations public bids enacted by PEMEX / CFE.


  • Knowledge of Construction industry-specific contracts, regulations, and procedures.


  • The ability to advise clients on contentious issues and guide them through various forms of dispute resolutions according to the Mexican standards of Construction Agreements formalized with PEMEX.


  • Knowledge of all industry specific contracts, regulations, and procedures.


  • Compliance Agreement management.


  • Detailed understanding of the construction industry as a whole, not just the legal aspects.

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Our Offices


Punta Allen, 8

SM 16, M 4, Cancún, Quintana Roo

CP 77505

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