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labor issues


  • Employee Guidelines:  Counsel regarding the organisation and development of your company’s individual and collective labor relations.

  • Lawsuits: Attention to and defense of individual disputes brought before the labor authorities, such as the Boards of Conciliation and Arbitration, the Federal Labor Authorities and, where appropriate, before the District Courts, Circuit Collegiate Courts, Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation, in constitutional relief (Amparo) proceedings arising from such conflicts.

  • Review of Policies & Procedures:  Preparation and review, as appropriate, of the documentation relating to individual employment relationships (contracts, wage receipts, vacations, profit sharing, resignations, etc.)

  • Labor Union Issues:  Attention to and defense in collective bargaining disputes arising in your company (such as strike notices and strikes arising from signing, reviewing or violating collective bargaining agreements, downsizing in personnel or working hours, economic collective disputes, collective suspensions of individual labor relations, illegal stoppages, etc.)

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