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Our client, a Mexican company that provides market survey services, could not collect an important amount of US dollars from a European client. Without admitting it directly, the executives of the European company were insinuating that an ex-partner of our client, who now worked with them, violated a conflict of interest agreement. In an apparent attempt to evaluate this person’s reaction, they simply stopped paying invoices and hired another company.


The debt was delinquent for over one year and they had not even responded to our client’s collection efforts during the past 6 months.


The day after obtaining all the necessary information regarding the debt and receiving copies of all previous communications, we developed our strategy and sent an e:mail to the European Director of Finance. They responded the following week and after several unreasonable attempts to deny, and later reduce the debt, they accepted to pay the amount and we agreed on a payment plan. 100% of the debt was received within the following 30 days.

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