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  • Authorisation and permission for foreign nationals entering the country who intend to provide personal services, invest, conduct studies, provide consultancy, live under the economic dependence of a third party or relative, changes of immigration status including naturalisation and permits to acquire real estate properties, where applicable.

  • Notices to the National Aliens Registry, including marriage licenses, change of address or employer, obtainment of certificates of legal status, authorisations to exit or enter the country whenever a formality needs to be carried out with the National Migration Institute prior to entry, and replacement documents.

  • Mexican Nationals: Assistance and advice for Mexican nationals seeking to obtain tourist, business or student visas from foreign governments that have diplomatic representation in Mexico.

  • Services for obtaining apostilles, certifications and legalisations of Mexican documents so that they will be valid abroad and/or in the country where they are intended to be used, to meet with requirements under the Hague Convention in countries which are party to that convention.

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